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Ken Brinsden Appointed as Quebec-Based CEO of Patriot Battery Metals Inc.

Patriot Battery Metals Inc. Announces Executive Leadership Changes

PRNewswire – January 24, 2024: Patriot Battery Metals Inc. (TSXV: PMET) has announced significant updates to its executive team. Ken Brinsden will transition from his current role to become the CEO, President, and Managing Director based in Montreal, Quebec.

Executive Transition Set to Strengthen Quebec Presence

The company’s strategic reshuffle includes Pierre Boivin ascending to the role of Non-Executive Chair, while the current CEO, Blair Way, will step into the Chief Operating Officer position. These changes, effective January 24, 2024, aim to amplify the company’s leadership footprint in Quebec, fostering local stakeholder engagement for the Corvette Project’s development phase.

Leadership Comments on Strategic Shift

Blair Way expressed confidence in the new configuration, citing Brinsden’s proven track record in the lithium industry. Pierre Boivin echoed this sentiment, recognizing the Corvette Project’s potential to revolutionize the lithium supply chains across North America and Europe.

Ken Brinsden highlighted the project’s importance to the region and is committed to enhancing local connections to drive the project’s success, acknowledging Blair Way’s pivotal role in the company’s achievements. A summary of the material terms of Brinsden’s executive services agreement is detailed below.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Plans to grant stock options and Deferred Shares Units to directors have been unveiled, pending shareholder approval in alignment with the Omnibus Equity Incentive Plan. Details are further elaborated in the company’s disclosure filings.

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