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Volt Lithium Corp Reports Key Operational Achievements in 2023 and Outlook for 2024

Volt Lithium Corp. (TSXV: VLT) has announced its major milestones for 2023 and provided a glimpse into its strategic plans for 2024, focusing on direct lithium extraction (DLE) from oilfield brines.

2023: A Year of Significant Achievements for Volt Lithium

Through its proprietary DLE technology, Volt Lithium has made remarkable strides in lithium extraction, demonstrating consistently high recovery rates from low-concentration oilfield brines. The strategically located permanent Demonstration Plant, which was commissioned last year, represents a breakthrough in low-cost and environmentally conscious lithium production. The plant enables real-time processing from various basins and could revolutionize the North American market.

In parallel to constructing the state-of-the-art facility, Volt Lithium has released an independent resource estimate and a preliminary economic assessment, exhibiting strong financials with an impressive pre-tax IRR and forecasted net present value.

Collaborative Efforts Result in Reduced Operational Costs

Volt Lithium has capitalized on collaborations with renowned labs which have further optimized the DLE technology, making the extraction process more efficient and reducing the consumption of reagents.

Looking Ahead: Volt Lithium’s 2024 Focus

The demand for lithium, driven by the zero-emission vehicle market, continues to grow. Volt Lithium is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the clean energy shift by enhancing its tech, forming strategic partnerships, and aiming to become a domestic producer of lithium components for EV batteries.

Major objectives for 2024 include improving lithium recovery techniques, expanding the team, progressing towards in-house lithium carbonate production, and securing partnerships within the oil and gas industry. Volt Lithium also intends to engage with First Nations for collaborative opportunities.

Aiming to Power the EV Industry with a Sustainable Model

Volt Lithium’s unique approach and efficient operations are aimed at ushering in an era where clean energy meets economic viability, without compromising on environmental principles.

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