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Peloton Minerals Expands North Elko Lithium Project to 419 Claims, Advances Exploration

Peloton Minerals Corporation (CSE:PMC) has successfully expanded its North Elko Lithium Project in Nevada to 419 mineral claims, now covering 35 square kilometres. In tandem, the company is actively ground truthing hyperspectral data to further understand the lithium potential of the area.

North Elko Lithium Project Expansion

Peloton recorded 419 mineral claims, comprising both new and longtime held claims, now unified under the North Elko Lithium Project (NELP). This strategic expansion places Peloton adjacent to Surge Battery Metals Inc., which reportedly is on the brink of revealing a significant lithium claystone deposit.

Advancing Lithium Exploration

In a methodical approach, Peloton re-assessed the aerial hyperspectral data from the NELP, revealing numerous clay outcrops. Initial ground checks confirmed the presence of lithium-bearing clays. Moving forward, a series of geochemical and mineralogical analyses are planned to further evaluate these findings.

Additionally, the company’s exploration roadmap includes geophysical surveys and shallow core drilling over the next quarters, funded partly by capital sourced through IBK Capital Corp.

Contact Information

President & CEO Edward (Ted) Ellwood, MBA, can be reached at 1-519-697-2313 for further inquiries.

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