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Macarthur Minerals Grants 2.8 Million RSUs under Compensation Plan

Macarthur Minerals Limited (TSXV: MMS) (ASX: MIO) (OTCQB: MMSDF) has announced a significant grant of 2,800,000 restricted share units (RSUs), as part of its Share Compensation Plans. Directors received the majority with 2,500,000 RSUs, while the remaining were awarded to employees and consultants. These RSUs will vest when the Company’s shares exceed A$0.20 on the ASX for 20 consecutive days, with a three-year expiration from the date of issuance.

Furthermore, the Company saw the expiration of 1,000,000 RSUs in December 2023, and an additional 1,450,000 in January 2024. This update comes directly from Executive Chairman and CEO, Mr Cameron McCall.

Macarthur’s Commitment to Employee Incentives

Macarthur continues to show its dedication to transparency and employee incentives through its consistent updates to shareholders and its strategic compensation planning.

Overview of Macarthur’s Iron Ore and Lithium Ventures

The Company, with its dual focus, advances the Lake Giles Iron Project with significant hematite and magnetite resources and reserves in Western Australia. Also, their footprint extends to the lithium brine sector in the promising Railroad Valley region, Nevada, USA.

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