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Champion Electric Initiates Gravity Survey at James Bay Quebec Lithium Site

Champion Electric Metals Inc. (CSE: LTHM) begins a high-resolution gravity survey on its James Bay, Quebec, lithium property with the aim to locate the primary source of a spodumene-bearing boulder and associated fragments.

Discovery of Lithium-Bearing Spodumene on Quebec Property

Champion Electric has launched a gravity survey following the discovery of spodumene boulders and fragments in the western sector of its vast James Bay lithium property. The gravity survey is set to identify the pegmatite source rock, enriching the property’s potential. Adjacent properties have reported significant lithium discoveries, highlighting the region’s rich mineral prospects.

Gravity Survey Commences to Outline Drill Targets

The technical team at Champion Electric has commenced the gravity survey with the expectation that it will generate promising drill targets within the first quarter of 2024. Local geophysical provider Abitibi Geophysics and consultancy NewGen Geo are conducting a two-week program covering a 1.35 km2 area to map potential mineralized zones.

Jonathan Buick, President & CEO of Champion Electric, expresses optimism about the survey’s outcome and the company’s subsequent drilling plans. The non-invasive gravity survey method has previously proven successful for pegmatite exploration in the region.

High-Resolution Gravity Survey to Expedite Drilling

The use of the gravity method, known for its low impact on the environment, aligns with Champion Electric’s commitment to responsible exploration practices. The slated drilling activities are planned with minimal ecological disruption, using strategic geophysical surveying and focused sampling procedures.

Champion Electric Metals Inc. continues to demonstrate its dedication to sustainable and community-oriented exploration while advancing its strategically positioned lithium and cobalt projects in Canada and the United States.

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