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Nouveau Monde Graphite Acquires Lac Guéret to Expand Graphite Operations

Nouveau Monde Graphite’s Strategic Acquisition

Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. (NYSE: NMG, TSX.V: NOU), a leader in carbon-neutral anode material production, has announced its complete acquisition of Mason Resources Inc.’s Lac Guéret graphite deposit. This acquisition is integral to NMG‘s Phase-3 expansion plans, and cements its position as a significant player in the North American graphite market.

Project Economics and Sustainability

The Uatnan Mining Project, which encompasses the deposit, promises one of the most substantial graphite production capabilities worldwide. With its advanced environmental and stakeholder engagement initiatives, NMG aims to foster a close partnership with local stakeholders, including the Innu First Nation of Pessamit.

Graphite Market Growth Prospects

Due to increasing needs for lithium-ion batteries, the demand for graphite is set to surge, with NMG focusing on eco-friendly extraction and processing technologies to meet this demand.

Building Partnerships and Securing Supply

Aligning with high ESG standards, the company is concurrently planning a robust expansion strategy. Its collaboration with top-tier battery and EV manufacturers highlights the imperative for ethical material sourcing within the industry.

Comprehensive Project Development

With completion targeted for 2024, the Uatnan Mining Project transaction requires regulatory approval, following which NMG will commence detailed planning and feasibility studies in pursuit of operational excellence and sustainable development.

Industry and Market Landscape

This strategic move prepares NMG to deliver high-quality graphite to a market eager for sustainable and locally sourced materials, given recent geopolitical shifts and local supply chain concerns.

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