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Fireweed Reports High-Grade Zinc, Lead, and Silver Finds at Boundary Zone

Impressive Metal Grades in Fireweed’s Latest Drilling Results

Fireweed (FWZ) has announced the intersection of significant metal grades at Boundary Zone. Specifically, a 44 m true width section contained 18.98% Zinc, 2.24% Lead, and 114.9 g/t Silver. Additionally, a 47 m true width section held 11.58% Zinc, 1.75% Lead, and 54.9 g/t Silver.

High-Value Mineralization Confirmed

This discovery underscores the potential for substantial resources in the Boundary Zone. Fireweed has effectively demonstrated the ongoing value of its exploration efforts.

Impact on Production and Market

These high-yield findings could significantly affect production forecasts and market expectations. As Fireweed continues to assess the full extent of these zones, the industry watches closely for future developments.

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