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CDN Maverick Capital Corp Appoints New Interim CEO Amid Leadership Shakeup

CDN Maverick Capital Corp. (CSE: CDN) (OTCQB: AXVEF) (FSE: 338B) announces a significant change in its executive leadership, with the immediate termination of Adam Cegielski as CEO. Taking over the role, Simon D. Studer, already President, COO, and Director, steps in as Interim CEO.

Strategic Executive Transition at CDN Maverick

In response to evolving corporate dynamics and a challenging market environment, particularly within the natural resource sector, CDN Maverick introduces a new leadership direction. Acknowledging the historically low trading volumes and shifts in global metals and minerals markets, Simon Studer brings a focused strategic plan to the helm.

Simon Studer’s Vision for Sustainable Value Creation

Simon Studer comments on his appointment, “We are committed to strategic asset acquisition, prioritizing long-term value and remaining resilient during adverse conditions. Our commodity-agnostic and asset-independent approach is designed to capitalize on current market opportunities for stewarding shareholder prosperity.” The company also extends its gratitude to Adam Cegielski for his service.

About CDN Maverick Capital Corp.

A diversified exploration entity, CDN Maverick Capital Corp. engages primarily in the quest for critical minerals across the Americas, including significant lithium projects in Ontario and Quebec, and a gold project in Nevada. Emphasizing sustainable and ESG-friendly initiatives, the company continues to expand its critical minerals portfolio.

Core Projects and Investments

CDN Maverick holds stakes in various strategic mineral explorations and resource development initiatives within North and South America, reinforcing its position within the critical minerals industry.

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