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Sorrento Resources Shares High-Grade Geochemical Results from Wing Pond Property

Geochemical Sampling Highlights at Wing Pond Property

Sorrento Resources Ltd. (CSE:SRS) has announced the receipt of analytical results from the geochemical sampling program on the Wing Pond Property. The program involved the collection of 274 soil samples and 27 grab samples revealing high-grade geochemical anomalies.

Exceptional Gold and Arsenic Levels Identified

Soil samples indicated 6 instances of gold and arsenic levels exceeding the 98th percentile, with the highest gold sample at 254ppb Au and the highest arsenic sample at 2700ppm As. These findings suggest areas of high exploration priority for the upcoming field programs.

In-Depth Analysis and Next Steps

Sorrento Resources will integrate the recent geochemical sampling data with historical data to plan further exploration work on the Wing Pond Property. This careful analysis is expected to paint a clearer picture of the Property’s potential.

All sample analysis was conducted at certified SGS Canada Inc. facilities, following stringent standards. Garry Clark, P.Geo., has reviewed and approved the technical information in this report.

Sorrento Resources remains focused on developing its portfolio of Canadian mineral properties, aiming to uncover and advance precious and base metal projects.

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