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Comet Lithium Announces 2023 Exploration Achievements and 2024 Outlook

Comet Lithium Corporation (TSXV: CLIC) has announced pivotal exploration milestones for the year 2023 and has shared its exploration direction for 2024.

Key 2023 Exploration Highlights

Comet Lithium’s productive 2023 efforts have set a strong foundation for advancing its comprehensive asset portfolio in the James Bay region of Québec. The significant developments include:

Liberty Property

The team executed a detailed gravity survey across 2.5 km2, preparing for future drill targeting by mapping the subsurface. Several pegmatite veins were identified, signaling prospective lithium deposits. With numerous samples analyzed, a LIDAR survey, and a high-resolution magnetic survey, the team is now awaiting assay results to advance the project. Additionally, a drill permit was acquired to further the exploration on Liberty’s southwestern block.

Troilus East Property

Troilus East underwent an Induced Polarization survey over 16.7 km, building on data from past years and revealing five lithium targets. Assays to determine lithium values up to 248 ppm are in process, supporting the anticipation of a focused work program in 2024.

Galli Property

A preliminary field program saw the collection of 39 samples from Galli, which will provide further insight into the lithium potential.

Pontax South and Pontax East

These two prospective blocks underwent a high-resolution magnetic survey which will contribute significantly to future exploration work.

2024 Exploration Outlook

Comet Lithium looks ahead to 2024 with a strategic approach to exploring its assets within the Trieste Formation greenstone belt, taking into account the active programs on adjoining properties. Vincent Metcalfe, Chair and CEO, highlighted the corporation’s anticipation of a comprehensive drilling program and the commitment to assessing the potential of its properties.

Progress in the North American Lithium Market

The industry, while in a softer market phase, continues to aim for an increased supply of spodumene. Governmental support and technological milestones are poised to propel the market forward.

Strengthening Leadership

The Corporation welcomed Vincent Metcalfe and Vincent Cardin-Tremblay into its executive team, enhancing its strategic and operational capabilities.

Publicly Announced Plans by Other Operators in the Trieste Formation

Highlighted are scheduled drilling programs and developmental studies of neighboring operators, providing a context for Comet Lithium’s exploration activities.

Upcoming Events & Shareholder Engagement

Exciting appearances at industry conferences and planned shareholder information sessions are on the horizon as Comet Lithium continues to share its growth and exploration story.

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