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Manganese X Energy Corp. Unveils 2024 Direction and Celebrates 2023 Milestones

Major Progress for Battery Hill Manganese Project

Manganese X Energy Corp. (TSXV: MN) has hit significant milestones in 2023, driving progress for the Battery Hill manganese project in New Brunswick. The Company is on a path to become the first North American publicly traded entity to commercialize high-purity manganese for electric vehicles (EVs).

CEO’s Vision for a Sustainable EV Future

Martin Kepman, CEO, sees a robust future with Canada’s EV investment plans. Manganese X aims to help meet the growing demand for high-purity manganese.

2024 Strategies for Manganese X Energy

Pilot Plant Project: Completion of a pilot plant project in Q1.
End User Verification: Sampling of high-purity manganese for supply chain approval.
Partnerships: Advancing MOUs and securing binding offtake agreements.
Environmental Studies: Supporting the upcoming pre-feasibility study with essential assessments.
Pre-Feasibility Study: Starting PFS in Q3 to fast-track development of the Battery Hill deposit.

Highlights of 2023 Achievements

With a MOU with C4V and advancements in its pilot plant, Manganese X has distributed samples for EV testing and completed a successful drill program.


Manganese X Energy Corp. intends to supply high purity manganese to North America, fostering the electric vehicle and energy storage sectors.

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