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Caprock Announces Second High-Grade Lithium Zinnwaldite Discovery at Ackley

Caprock Mining Corp (CSE: CAPR) has announced a second significant find of lithium-rich zinnwaldite in Area 2 at the Ackley Property, complementing the high-grade assays from the Deer Pond area. The newly discovered zone adds to the potential of the Main Claim Block in Newfoundland, promising for substantial lithium mineralization.

Latest High-Grade Lithium Findings

Initial assays have yielded encouraging lithium oxide percentages for both Area 2 and the Deer Pond area, with multiple samples exceeding the 1.00% Li2O threshold. CEO Mr. Vishal Gupta highlighted the significance of the find, noting the superior qualities of zinnwaldite as a lithium source and the reduced energy and capital costs for lithium hydroxide production it presents. The technical team is set to focus on further geological mapping and sampling, followed by targeted geophysical surveys, and potentially initiating an exploratory drill program in 2024.

Sampling and Analysis Protocols

The samples were processed by AGAT Laboratories Ltd., using Sodium Peroxide Fusion (lithium) alongside ICP-OES and ICP-MS for comprehensive multi-element analysis.

About Ackley Property

Ackley consists of three claim blocks spanning 4,550 hectares near St. John’s. The geological setting is conducive to lithium mineralization, sharing similarities with other notable deposits in the region.

About Caprock Mining Corp

Caprock Mining Corp engages in the exploration of battery metals in Newfoundland and precious metals in Ontario. The corporation’s strategic exploration efforts focus on potently leveraging its assets in the rich geological landscapes of Canada.

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