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Argentina to Eclipse Chile and Australia in Lithium Production by 2027

Lithium South Development Corporation (TSXV:LIS) (OTCQB:LISMF) and other leading lithium companies are propelling Argentina to outperform Chile and Australia in lithium production by 2027.

Argentina’s Lithium Industry Takes Lead

According to a report from the Rosario Stock Exchange, Argentina anticipates an annual lithium production growth rate of 50%, compared to 8% for Chile and 16% for Australia. Significant projects like the Hombre Muerto North Lithium (HMN Li) initiative by Lithium South Development Corporation (TSXV:LIS) (OTCQB:LISMF) and cooperative developments with POSCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE:PKX) contribute to this surge.

Collaborations and Advancements in Lithium Projects

POSCO and Lithium South’s collaborative effort on the Viamonte and Norma Edith claims showcases a pragmatic approach to resource sharing. With adjacent claims to Arcadium Lithium plc (NYSE:LTHM), the focus is on optimizing the brine production in the heart of the Lithium Triangle.

Strategic Partnerships and Technological Innovations

The ARgentine lithium sector sees further strengthening as major players like Rio Tinto Group (NYSE:RIO) aim to self-source lithium by developing robust projects like Rincon and integrating cutting-edge technologies such as direct lithium extraction (DLE).

Lithium Americas (Argentina) Corp. (NYSE:LAAC) (TSX:LAAC) is ramping up its Stage 1 production at Caucharí-Olaroz, while Livent, now part of Arcadium Lithium, secures lithium supply contracts and invests in DLE technology.

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