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Targa Reveals 5km Gold Anomaly in Quebec’s Opinaca Project

Targa Exploration Corp. (CSE: TEX | FRA: V6Y | OTCQB: TRGEF) announced additional analysis results from their Opinaca project’s till sampling program today, revealing significant gold anomalies.

Significant Gold Discovery at Opinaca

Targa has identified two prominent gold-arsenic-tungsten anomalies. The larger central gold anomaly measures 5km by 4km, offering a strong exploration lead. Targa’s CEO, Cameron Tymstra, emphasized the anomaly’s promise for future prospecting activities.

Staking Additional Land to Cover Gold Sources

In response to these findings, Targa has staked an additional 41,672ha. This proactive staking strategy, highlighted by Tymstra, aims to encompass potential up-ice sources of the discovered anomalies.

Next Steps for Exploration

Targa plans to conduct a Phase 2 till sampling program in early summer 2024 to investigate the source of the gold and lithium anomalies. John Robins, advisor to Targa, stresses the exploratory potential given the history of under-exploration in the area.

Opinaca Project’s Strategic Positioning

The Opinaca Project is strategically located within Quebec’s James Bay region, bordered by several notable mining prospects. The area’s geological footprint suggests high potential for discovery.

Adherence to Stringent QA/QC Protocols

The till sampling strategy was rigorous with a thorough QA/QC process involving independent labs, ensuring reliability in their analytical procedure.

Qualified exploration manager Adrian Lupascu, M.Sc., P.Geo., has approved the scientific and technical information following established standards.

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