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Midland Exploration Inc. Reports 3.6% Li2O at Galinée Project Discoveries

Midland Exploration Inc. (TSX-V: MD) has announced a significant lithium find at the Galinée project, alongside confirmation of high-grade Lithium up to 3.6% Li2O.

Significant Lithium Grades Identified at Galinée Project

Midland’s team has identified new spodumene-bearing pegmatite dykes within the Galinée project, roughly 8 kilometers east of the Adina lithium deposit. Exciting assay results reveal high-grade lithium, with grab samples grading as high as 3.6% Li2O. Additional promising discoveries include the Iceberg Southwest and Iceberg South showings, located close to the main Iceberg discovery and yielding samples up to 4.1% Li2O.

Lithium-rich Pegmatite Dykes Discovered

The Iceberg discovery showcases extensive spodumene-bearing pegmatite dykes over a 600-meter strike length. The identification of these high-grade dykes has been aided by UV lamp and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) analyses, establishing the Iceberg Showing as a notable high-grade lithium source with grab samples reaching 7.2% Li2O.

Upcoming Exploration Plans

Following these findings, Midland is gearing up for a drilling campaign set for 2024 at the Galinée project. A comprehensive exploration approach, including the analysis of newly acquired LiDAR survey data and a high-resolution airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, will direct drilling efforts and further investigations of the lithium-bearing structures.

Lithium Exploration in Quebec by Midland

Midland continues its exploration for gold and critical metals in Quebec’s rich mineral belt, with the promising discovery at Galinée further solidifying the company’s portfolio. An experienced geologist and qualified person Jean-François Larivière has verified the data from the Galinée project.

If you seek further details on Midland Exploration Inc.’s Lithium discoveries and exploration activities, contact Gino Roger, President, and CEO.

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