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Gama Explorations Announces High-Grade Nickel-Copper Discoveries at Tyee Project, Quebec

Gama Explorations Inc. (CSE: GAMA), (FSE: N79), (OTCQB: GMMAF) has announced the discovery of significant nickel-copper sulphide occurrences at its wholly-owned Tyee Critical Metals Project in North-Eastern Quebec, signifying a promising development for critical metals supply.

Nickel-Copper Sulphide Discoveries at Tyee Project

Gama discovered four noteworthy nickel sulphide occurrences exhibiting high grades of up to 0.75% Nickel and 0.81% Copper, integral to battery and hydrogen fuel cell technologies. The discovery aligns with Canada and the USA’s green energy transition initiatives. Located near infrastructure such as the Romaine IV hydroelectric dam and a major road, the Little St. Catherines Target is easily accessible.

Detailed Survey Results and Upcoming Exploration

The comprehensive surveys yielded several high-value targets, particularly the large-scale LC1 occurrence. Dr. Jaap Verbaas, Gama’s interim CEO, confirmed that thorough exploration plans are underway, calling attention to the spring 2024 drilling program’s potential.

The upcoming exploration endeavors will focus on the promising ground geophysics data and drilling to evaluate the full potential of the newly found sulphide occurrences.

Local Geology and Sample Analysis

Utilizing primary magmatic sulphides, the metals at Little St. Catherines are commonly found in gossanous rocks, with the total sulphide content in samples reaching up to 62.27%.

Background of Gama Explorations Inc.

The company stands at the forefront of mineral exploration for green technologies, with the Tyee Critical Metals Project enhancing its portfolio. The metals identified within the project are paramount for advancing renewable energy solutions.

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