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CIRO Halts Trading of Grounded Lithium Corp. (GRD) Amid Pending News

Grounded Lithium Corp. (GRD) trading has been halted on the TSX-Venture exchange, according to an announcement from the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO).

Reasons Behind the Trading Halt of GRD

CIRO has implemented a trading halt for Grounded Lithium Corp. (GRD), effective as of 8:21 AM ET, while awaiting pending news. This action ensures the maintenance of a fair and orderly market.

Trading halts are a regular mechanism used by CIRO when a significant announcement is anticipated. This preemptive step is crucial to prevent any unfair advantages and to maintain market integrity.

CIRO, as the primary regulatory authority, has the mandate to oversee investment dealers and regulate trading activities on Canada’s debt and equity markets.

Details on the Trading Halt

All issues related to GRD are currently suspended from trading on the TSX-Venture exchange. The halt will remain in place until further notice.

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