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Beyond Lithium Inc. Reports High-Grade Lithium Results at Wenasaga North Zone

Impressive Lithium & Cesium Results at Ear Falls

Beyond Lithium Inc. (CSE: BY) (OTCQB: BYDMF), a leader in spodumene exploration, has announced striking high-grade lithium discoveries in the Wenasaga North Zone of Ear Falls. The results reveal significant concentrations of lithium oxide (Li2O) and cesium (Cs) in the expanded pegmatite zones, indicating the presence of a much broader mineralized system.

Wenasaga North Zone Exploration Success

Their technical team achieved remarkable success with intercepts showing up to 2.30% Li2O and 178ppm Cs over 3.84m. Additionally, six out of seven drill holes have shown pervasive lithium and cesium mineralization, suggesting the zone remains open at depth and along the exploration corridor. The company’s swift progress in this early-stage project underlines the potential for discovering a significant lithium resource.

Doubling of Wenasaga North Zone Width

Their 2023 drilling increased the width of the zone from 35m to 70m, with new pegmatite zones identified at depth, doubling the project’s potential footprint. These findings enhance the strategic significance of Beyond Lithium’s district-scale exploration, which hosts several other promising projects.

Strategic Importance of Exploration Discoveries

President & CEO Allan Frame emphasized the importance of these discoveries within their larger district, as they hold several lithium projects in proximity to significant regional deposits. Beyond Lithium leverages these results to map out plans for deeper and more comprehensive exploration.

Next Stages in Project Development

With a successful drilling campaign behind it, Beyond Lithium looks forward to exploring additional orientations and drill testing the wider 13km exploration corridor. The technical team’s confidence is bolstered by the structural control and geochemical signatures identified, pointing towards a larger mineralization system.

Environmental Considerations and Quality Controls

Maintaining high environmental standards, Beyond Lithium adheres to strict quality assurance and control procedures. Their responsible approach ensures that all exploration and drilling activities comply with current environmental regulations.

Looking Toward the Future

Beyond Lithium is poised to advance the understanding of the Ear Falls lithium system, with a focus on delineating economically viable deposits. The results so far have set the stage for further exploration that may prove transformative for the lithium market and Beyond Lithium’s growth trajectory.

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