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Tantalex Lithium Resources Attending 121 Mining Investment Conference

Tantalex Lithium Resources Corp Announces Participation in Mining Conference

Tantalex Lithium Resources Corp (CSE: TTX) (FSE: DW8) has revealed its plans to engage in the 121 Mining Investment Conference taking place in Cape Town. The event, scheduled for February 5-6, brings together influential players in the mining sector.
Over 125 mining firms will converge alongside a crowd of more than 550 investors to conduct targeted 1-2-1 investment meetings over two days.

Networking and Market Insights at 121 Mining Investment Cape Town

The conference delivers a unique opportunity for networking among industry leaders, featuring a line-up of expert-led sessions that delve into the latest market insights and trends within the mining industry.

About Tantalex Lithium Resources Corp

Tantalex Lithium Resources specializes in extracting and processing lithium, as well as tin and tantalum, with operations primarily situated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Eric Allard, as CEO, directs the company’s growth strategies and operational activities.

Investors eager to connect at the upcoming event can look forward to a well-organized program, poised to foster meaningful partnerships and business advancement within the mining sector.

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