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Origen Resources Inc. Halts Newfoundland Lithium Project Deal with NewPeak Metals

Origen Resources Inc. Corporate Update

Origen Resources Inc. (CSE: ORGN) (FSE: 4VXA), a resource exploration company, has announced NewPeak Metals will not continue with the planned acquisition of the Newfoundland Lithium project, initially disclosed on November 16, 2023. Origen is actively engaging with other parties regarding potential transactions.

About Origen Resources Inc.

Origen dedicates itself to advancing its Los Sapitos Lithium project in Argentina and the Newfoundland Lithium project, owning a complete 100% interest in both ventures. Origen also holds full ownership of the LGM and Wishbone projects in British Columbia’s mineral-rich Golden Triangle, in addition to a portfolio of precious and base metal projects in southern British Columbia.

Thomas Hawkins, Managing Director of Origen, is at the helm of the company, guiding it through its various exploration endeavors. Interested parties can reach out to Gary Schellenberg, Chief Executive Officer, at 604-681-0221 for more in-depth details about Origen’s ventures.

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