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Stria Lithium Inc. Welcomes Geologist Donald Birak to Board of Directors

Stria Lithium Inc. (TSXV:SRA) has announced the appointment of Donald Birak as a new Director, amplifying the company’s expertise in the lithium extraction industry. Donald J. Birak brings over four and a half decades of mineral industry experience with a focus on property evaluation, greenfield and brownfield exploration, and regulatory compliance.

Expertise of Donald Birak

With a solid background in geological sciences, Mr. Birak has held notable positions such as Senior Vice President at Cœur Mining Inc. and his contribution has been recognized by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada with the ‘Bill Dennis Prospector of the Year’ award.

Stria Lithium’s Growth in the Lithium Sector

Donald Birak’s vision for Stria Lithium aligns with the company’s strategy to capitalize on the burgeoning lithium market in Western Quebec. Jeff York, Chairman of Stria Lithium, echoes the sentiment, acknowledging Birak’s depth of expertise as a boon for their exploration ventures.

Stria Lithium’s Project Overview

The Central Pontax Lithium Project is propelling Stria Lithium as a serious contender in the North American lithium market. Additionally, the Pontax Central Project Joint Venture with Cygnus Metals has reached a significant milestone, with Cygnus now having earned a 51% interest in the property.

The Impact on the Lithium Industry

The increasing demand for electric vehicles presents a unique opportunity for Stria Lithium. Committed to setting a high bar in environmental, social, and governance standards, the company fosters strong ties with the James Bay Cree Nation, illustrating the transformative impact of its projects for local communities.

Jeff York and CEO Dean Hanisch are coordinating their efforts as Stria Lithium leverages internal lithium sources to meet legislative demands. With a solid management team fortified by Mr. Birak’s arrival, Stria Lithium aims to forge a path of growth and success.

Investors and stakeholders can look forward to strategic advancements in Stria Lithium’s operations, as validated by qualified person Réjean Girard, P.Geo, president of IOS Services Geoscientifiques Inc.

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