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Lithium South and POSCO Argentina SAU: Pioneering the Future of Lithium Development

A Significant Collaboration in Lithium Industry

Lithium South Development Corporation (OTCQB: LISMF) (TSX-V: LIS) has reached a pivotal Cooperative Development Agreement with POSCO Argentina SAU, a subsidiary of the South Korean industrial heavyweight, Pohang Iron and Steel Company (POSCO). This agreement marks a crucial milestone in Lithium South’s progression towards lithium production, initiating an innovative collaboration for the Hombre Muerto North Lithium Project (HMN Li Project) in Salta Province, Argentina.

HMN Li Project: Significant Resource Expansion and High-Grade Lithium

Lithium South Development Corporation has achieved a remarkable milestone in its exploration of the Hombre Muerto North Lithium Project (HMN Li Project). The company reported a substantial 175% increase in the lithium resource at the HMN Li Project. This significant expansion encompasses the Alba Sabrina, Natalia Maria, and Tramo claim blocks. Notably, the lithium resource at these blocks has an average grade of 736 mg/L, which is highly favorable for industry-proven evaporation lithium extraction methods. This advancement highlights the project’s potential and marks a significant step in Lithium South’s commitment to advancing lithium extraction technology.

Joint Development and Shared Interests

In a strategic move, Lithium South and POSCO have agreed to collaboratively develop the Norma Edith and Viamonte claim blocks, which are located in an area of dual jurisdiction. This collaboration involves sharing the potential brine produced on a 50/50 basis, representing a pragmatic solution to the historical provincial title issue. The agreement is subject to additional legal and regulatory approvals.

A Unified Vision for Sustainable Energy

Adrian F. C. Hobkirk, President and CEO of Lithium South, commented on the partnership: “We are immensely pleased to join forces with POSCO, a leader in lithium and steel production. This partnership is a step forward for both companies. Together, we’re paving the way for rapid advancement in lithium extraction and sustainable energy solutions.” This partnership reflects a shared commitment to innovation and sustainable energy practices in the lithium industry.


The cooperative development agreement between Lithium South and POSCO Argentina SAU, coupled with the recent resource expansion at the HMN Li Project, signals a new era in lithium development. While the project is still in the pre-production phase, these developments are significant steps towards realizing its full potential. This collaboration not only benefits the involved companies but also contributes to the broader narrative of sustainable energy, positioning the HMN Li Project as a significant endeavor in the global shift towards renewable energy resources.

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