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Hertz Lithium Inc. Secures Exclusive Lithium Extraction Technology License from Penn State University

Hertz Lithium Inc. (CSE: HZ) (OTCQB: HZLIF) (FSE: QE2) has announced a milestone agreement for exclusive Lithium extraction technology. The company has secured a license agreement with the Penn State Research Foundation to use a novel patent-pending process for extracting lithium from hard rock sources.

Lithium Extraction Technology Advances

Lithium, a pivotal element for modern technologies such as energy storage and electric vehicles, has seen an ever-growing demand. Penn State’s innovative lithium extraction process represents a significant leap forward, offering a more energy-efficient alternative to conventional methods.

This technology utilizes sodium hydroxide in combination with either conventional or microwave roasting, which transforms alpha-spodumene into a soluble state, enabling up to 95% recovery of lithium through water leaching.

Implications for the Lithium Industry

Kal Malhi, CEO of Hertz Lithium, emphasizes the importance of this agreement. Expanding the company’s rights to develop and commercialize this technology brings a competitive edge to meet the increasing demand for efficient and eco-friendly lithium extraction processes.

Hertz Lithium anticipates forging strong industry partnerships and progressing towards a pilot plant stage demonstration in 2024. The focus will be on continually updating stakeholders on their advancements.

About Hertz Lithium Inc.

With a mission to explore and develop mineral properties, Hertz Lithium Inc.’s portfolio includes projects across North and South America, particularly the Lucky Mica Project in Arizona, the Patriota Project in Brazil, and two projects in James Bay, Quebec.

CEO Contact:
Kal Malhi
Phone: 604-805-4602

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