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Solstice Gold Corp. Explores High-Potential Lithium Pegmatites at Stewart Lake

Solstice Gold Corp. (TSXV: SGC) has announced significant findings from its latest exploration activities at the Stewart Lake Project in Northwest Ontario. The efforts have mapped out a substantial number of fertile pegmatites with promising lithium content.

Stewart Lake Project’s Lithium Potential Highlighted

Following a detailed exploration program, Solstice has delineated over 350 pegmatites through prospecting and historical drilling at the Stewart Lake Project. These findings suggest substantial potential for spodumene mineralization, particularly in the eastern and southeastern areas coinciding with major structural faults.

Geochemical Analysis Reveals Fertile Pegmatite Field

The company’s geochemical evaluation, including LIBS and whole rock geochemistry, indicates the Stewart Lake Project’s pegmatites compare favorably with those in established lithium districts. Notable findings include detectable lithium in 22% of analyzed alkali feldspars and low K/Rb ratios, which signal advanced fractionation and enhance the site’s prospectivity.

Soil Survey Identifies New Lithium Targets

A specialized soil survey conducted across the project area revealed multiple soil anomalies with elevated levels of lithium and related elements. These findings have pinpointed new exploration targets, demonstrating the effectiveness of soil surveys in locating fertile pegmatite zones.

Exploration Plans and Project Aspirations

Pablo McDonald, CEO of Solstice, expressed confidence in the project’s exploration data, comparing favorably to other productive pegmatite districts in Ontario. Solstice aims to continue its systematic exploration targeting the 14 km area revealing promising indications of lithium mineralization.

Senior Geologist Sandy Barham has confirmed the technical disclosures in this news release, underscoring the project’s potential and the company’s responsible exploration practices.

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