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High-Grade Titanium-Vanadium-Scandium Discovery at Tyee Project Hits 37.6% TiO2 in Quebec

Gama Samples has announced their latest findings at the Tyee Project in Quebec, revealing impressive high-grade zones of titanium-vanadium-scandium with up to 37.6% TiO2 content.

Titanium-Vanadium-Scandium Zones Exhibit Remarkable Grades

On January 9th, 2024, Gama reported the discoveries from new exploration zones at their Tyee Project. These zones have yielded substantial titanium-vanadium-scandium with grades reaching as high as 37.6% TiO2.

Boosting Quebec’s Mining Sector

The Tyee Project’s new findings significantly contribute to Quebec’s mining sector. Moreover, they indicate the potential for high-grade resources that can benefit various industries.

Positive Impact on Local Economy

Additionally, such high-quality discoveries promise to make a positive impact on the local economy. They potentially offer new opportunities for employment and economic growth.

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