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Atlas Lithium Discovers Extensive High-Grade Lithium at Neves Project

Atlas Lithium Corporation (ATLX) has announced promising high-grade lithium assay results from ongoing drilling at Brazil’s Neves Project. The company reported significant lithium mineralization in the Anitta 3 and Anitta 4 pegmatites, suggesting potential for open-pit mining.

Significant Lithium Intersections Identified

Drilling results reveal extensive lithium intersections within the Neves Project’s Anitta 3 and Anitta 4 pegmatites. Notably, drill hole DHAB-339 intersected 1.52% Li2O over 20.90m at a depth of 82m, indicative of the high-grade mineralization present. Additionally, other drill holes provided impressive mineralization rates, including DHAB-345 with 1.44% Li2O over 47.00m.

Expansion of Mineralized Zones

Recent drilling campaigns have uncovered substantial expansions to the known mineralized dike strike and depth at both Anitta 3 and Anitta 4 pegmatites. These expansions demonstrate significant potential for the extraction of lithium and support the prospect of profitable mining operations.

Advanced Diagnoses with Drone Magnetics

In a move to pinpoint larger pegmatite deposits, the company has implemented drone magnetics geophysics surveys. This advanced approach enhances the geological understanding, aiding in uncovering new lithium-rich zones.

James Abson, Chief Geology Officer, expressed optimism regarding the continuity of high-grade lithium findings and the evolving geological model, which contributes to a promising outlook for the company’s asset development.

Atlas Lithium’s Commitment to Growth

Atlas Lithium, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, is committed to the exploration and development of its lithium assets in the prolific mining region known as Brazil’s Lithium Valley. The portfolio includes a diverse array of minerals critical to battery production, emphasizing lithium’s central role in the Company’s growth strategy.

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