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MAX Power Mining Corp Strikes Extensive Lithium Claystone Sequence in Willcox Project, Arizona

MAX Power Mining Corp. (CSE: MAXX; OTC: MAXXF; FRANKFURT: 89N), has made a notable leap in its Willcox Lithium Project in southeast Arizona with significant findings in its ongoing diamond drilling efforts.

Lithium Claystone Discovery in Drill Hole WP-23-02

In an impressive 1,640-foot step-out west from the initial discovery hole WP-23-01, drill hole WP-23-02 has encountered a continuous lithium claystone sequence. This sequence extends from the surface to a depth of 998 feet, signalling a potentially vast lithium-rich clay system beneath Willcox Playa.

Multiple Fluid Sequences Add to Geological Significance

The drill results hint at the presence of multiple fluid sequences at various depths, paralleling those in discovery hole WP-23-01. These findings underscore the geological complexity and potential for lithium mineralization.

Enhanced Lithium Mineralization Indicators

Early guidance using a Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Z-903 tool points to significantly higher lithium mineralization intensity within the claystones, compared to historical 1978 USGS findings.

Further Exploration by MAX Power

Continued exploration includes a third drill hole, another 1,640-foot step-out to the south of WP-23-02, which will complete a triangular pattern of drill sites promising for lithium exploitation.

Senior Geologist and Exploration Manager, Mr. Peter Lauder, has expressed strong confidence in the systematic drilling results aligning with the Company’s initial discovery model. The Willcox Lithium Project enjoys the advantages of excellent infrastructure.

ALS Global in Tucson is currently conducting detailed analyses of the drill samples.

About MAX Power Mining Corp

MAX Power is dedicated to advancing North America’s renewable energy resources by targeting domestic lithium deposits. The Company is engaged in a joint research endeavor with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to enhance direct lithium extraction technologies for brine resources.

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