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Zinc8 Energy Solutions Welcomes Keith Morlock to its Board, Bids Farewell to David Hodge

Zinc8 Energy Solutions Announces Board Changes

Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. (CSE:ZAIR) has announced the retirement of Mr. David Hodge from its board of directors and welcomed Mr. Keith Morlock to its ranks. David Hodge’s retirement concludes a period defined by his unwavering dedication and contributions to the early success of Zinc8. Stakeholders extend their profound appreciation for his service.

Industry Veteran Keith Morlock Joins Zinc8’s Board

With his appointment to the Board, Mr. Keith Morlock from Blackland Energy Partners brings strategic leadership and significant expertise, enhancing Zinc8’s growth trajectory. His involvement in prior restructuring and strategic planning initiatives has been instrumental in positioning Zinc8 for its next phase of innovation and market penetration.

Message from CEO Jason Birmingham

Mr. Birmingham, CEO, celebrates Morlock’s arrival, anticipating his active role in strategic financings and restructuring to build capital market confidence. Morlock is set to improve communication, transparency, and connections between the company executives, stakeholders, and future team members.

Keith Morlock’s Anticipated Impact

Mr. Morlock’s diverse experience will provide invaluable insights into navigating industry trends and achieving sustainable success. With over two decades of corporate governance experience, his adaptability is a strong asset for steering through corporate changes and maintaining competitive agility.

About Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc.

Zinc8 specializes in scalable and environmentally friendly long-duration energy storage solutions. Their multi-patented Zaeras™ Flow Battery technology offers a safe and versatile energy storage alternative, essential for the reduction of carbon footprints and supporting sustainable energy applications.

Contact Information

Jason Birmingham, President, and CEO: +1-604-558-1406
Dr. Simon Fan, Director: +1-604-558-1406

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