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American Lithium Corp. Confirms Superior Court Title Win for 32 Peruvian Concessions

American Lithium Corp. (TSX-V:LI) has received notice that INGEMMET and MINEM are petitioning the Supreme Court of Peru to review the company’s title to 32 contested mining concessions. The Superior Court had previously ruled unanimously in favor of the company’s subsidiary, Macusani Yellowcake, confirming their title to these concessions.

Supreme Court Appeal Details

Following previous verdicts in favor of American Lithium, INGEMMET and MINEM’s attempt to overturn the Superior Court’s decision pushes the case to the highest level of the Peruvian legal system. With jurisdiction yet to be established, the move signals a final push by the governmental institutions to alter the standing ruling.

Implications for American Lithium’s Operations

Firmly backed by prior court decisions, American Lithium sees no merit in the Supreme Court’s assumption of jurisdiction and anticipates prompt rejection of the petitions. Regardless of the dispute outcome, the company resolves to persist in advancing its projects, representing about 18% of their total concessions on the Macusani Plateau.

CEO’s Commentary on Development Projects

Simon Clarke, CEO of American Lithium, emphatically details how the Falchani lithium and Macusani uranium projects underpin Peru’s potential role as a critical player in the global new energy economy. Clarke expresses frustration with the continuing legal challenges, deeming them contrary to national interests and community benefits, and remains confident in a favorable resolution.

Company Profile and Contact Information

The company, engaged in lithium projects across the Americas, is progressing well in pre-feasibility for its flagship TLC project in Nevada and its development-stage projects in Peru. Although no further contact information is provided here, the company ensures robust community support and strategic initiative in the minerals sector.

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