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American Lithium Corp. Advances Following Superior Court of Peru Concession Ruling

American Lithium Corp. (TSX-V:LI | Nasdaq:AMLI | Frankfurt:5LA1)
Celebrates Superior Court of Peru’s Confirmation of Company’s Title to Concessions, Amidst Opposition from INGEMMET and MINEM.

Supreme Court Petitions Against American Lithium’s Victory

INGEMMET and MINEM have moved to persuade the Supreme Court of Peru to overturn the Superior Court’s decision, which favored American Lithium’s subsidiary, Macusani, in a battle over 32 mining concessions. However, the Supreme Court’s history suggests that overturning the ruling may be a formidable challenge.

Key Details of the Dispute

In past proceedings, the Company has consistently emerged triumphant, with the Superior Court thoroughly refuting INGEMMET and MINEM’s appeals. Stakes are high for American Lithium, as these concessions comprise roughly 18% of the entirety on the Macusani Plateau. Despite the legal friction, the Company remains resolute in its development endeavors.

American Lithium’s Strategic Mineral Projects

CEO Simon Clarke highlights the global significance of the Company’s projects in Peru, emphasizing their potential to position Peru as a leader in critical mineral production. Despite setbacks, Clarke remains optimistic about the outcome and the continued progress of American Lithium’s projects.

Potential Impact and Company’s Stance

American Lithium believes the petitions to the Supreme Court lack merit and expects them to be dismissed, affirming the end of the dispute. The Company pledges to take all necessary steps to safeguard its interests, keeping the development of its projects firmly on track.

Advancing the New Energy Economy

With several projects at various stages of development, American Lithium is at the forefront of supplying materials essential for the new energy paradigm, committed to environmental stewardship and community collaboration.

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