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Scotch Creek Uncovers Lithium-Rich Sandstone at Miranda Project in New Soil Sampling Program

Scotch Creek Ventures Inc. (CSE: SCV) (FSE: 7S2) (OTC Pink: SCVFF) has announced the successful identification of lithium in the 5,360-acre Miranda project following a recent soil sampling program.

Miranda Project Lithium Discovery

Initial soil samples from the Miranda project show a significant lithium anomaly, with values from 102 to 223 parts per million. The exploration by the Scotch Creek team suggests that drilling is critical to determine the complete nature of the Esmeralda Formation’s potential lithium mineralization.

Lithium Anomaly Results

The detected lithium anomaly spreads over 2 kilometers by 1 kilometer, indicating enriched sandstone and claystone beneath the southern property’s surface. With these findings, Scotch Creek plans to prioritize potential drill targets.

Mr. Robert D. Marvin’s Insights

Mr. Robert D. Marvin highlights the similarities between the geological features of Miranda and those of Clayton Valley and Gemini property. The soil sample results point to near-surface exploration opportunities for lithium mineralization at Miranda.

Investor Relations and Contact Information

Investors and stakeholders are encouraged to engage with the investor relations team for regular updates.

Public Relations Contact:

About Scotch Creek Ventures, a key player in North America’s green revolution future, is focusing on developing its lithium projects to meet burgeoning demand.

Chief Executive Officer’s Statement

David K. Ryan, Scotch Creek’s CEO, reaffirms the company’s commitment to advancing its lithium exploration efforts.

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