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Rover Metals Submits Operational Plan for Let’s Go Lithium Project in Nevada

Rover Metals Corp. (TSXV:ROVR)(OTCQB:ROVMF)(FSE:4XO) has announced the official submission of its Plan of Operations permit application for the Let’s Go Lithium project to Nevada’s Bureau of Land Management. The project, spanning approximately 8,300 acres, is poised to exploit claystone sedimentary lithium in an ancient volcanic lakebed characterized by flat playas and butte-like limestone outcrops.

Rover’s Lithium Venture in Nevada

Rover’s Let’s Go Lithium project stands near renowned deposits and benefits from existing infrastructure. With high-grade lithium samples, environmental surveys are slated for early spring 2024.

UES Partnership and Environmental Assurance

Working with UES, Rover ensures the safety of local water tables and ecosystems, laying the groundwork for sustainable extraction processes and community benefits.

Lithium Market Expansion and Partnerships

Rover aims to collaborate with battery recycling entities, leveraging Nevada’s growing solar and hydro energy resources to foster a greener industry.

Corporate Developments

With Eugene Hodgson’s resignation to focus on Nevada’s lithium opportunities, Rover looks to appoint new directors with relevant experience and maintains Hodgson in a consultatory capacity.

About Rover Metals

Rover has a presence on major stock exchanges and leads in mining of critical and precious minerals in North America, valuing sustainable practices and community collaboration.

Contact Information

For inquiries, contact Rover via email at or by phone at +1 (778) 754-2617.

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