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TinOne Unveils Initial Mineral Resource Estimate for Tasmania’s Great Pyramid Project

TinOne Resources Inc. (TSXV: TORC) (OTCQB: TORCF) has filed the technical report laying out the mineral resource estimate for the Great Pyramid Project located in Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmania’s Great Pyramid Tin Project Report Filed by TinOne

TinOne Resources Inc. recently confirmed the filing of an essential technical document per National Instrument 43-101 Standards. The report, authored by Ian Taylor, showcases the project’s robust potential and the company’s capabilities in mineral exploration. According to the report dated August 31, 2023, significant mineral resources have been identified, reinforcing TinOne’s strategic position within Tasmania’s mineral-rich landscapes.

Executive Collaborations and Project Oversight

Russell Fulton, Vice President Exploration at TinOne and a qualified person under NI 43-101, has endorsed the technical data presented. Similarly, consultant geologist Ian Taylor, with over 25 years of experience and an authoritative figure in the industry, has authorized the inclusion of the technical information reflected in the report.

Industry-Leading Tin and Lithium Portfolio

TinOne Resources Inc. continues to demonstrate industry leadership with its diverse project portfolio. The ownership of significant tin districts like Aberfoyle, Rattler Range, Mount Maurice, and Great Pyramid positions the company at the forefront of tin and lithium mining in Australia.

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