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Li3 Lithium Prioritizes Northern Lights Copper Project in Nevada

Li3 Lithium Corp. (TSXV: LILI) (FSE: WD9), a leading resource company, has announced a strategic shift to focus on its Northern Lights Copper Project in Nevada. The project, wholly owned by the company, boasts significant copper mineralization and is positioned near a producing mine by Nevada Copper Corporation.

Northern Lights Copper Project Overview

The Northern Lights Copper Project, which covers 485 hectares and is near Yerrington, Nevada, has a history of small-scale copper production dating back to the early 1900s. Recent samplings have confirmed ore-grade copper over substantial widths at the surface, indicating a compelling case for accelerated exploration. The copper mineralization documented ranges from 1% to 19% Cu and persists up to 4 meters wide at surface levels.

Project’s Exploration Program

The company has outlined a two-phase exploration program based on the project’s NI 43-101 Report. Initially, a ground-based EM survey will target high-grade copper mineralization zones. Subsequent reverse circulation drilling aims to validate these findings, focusing on copper mineralization’s width and grade at depth.

Focus Shift and Strategic Plans

Diverting from its Zimbabwe lithium venture, Li3 Lithium will now concentrate its resources on the Nevada copper opportunity. The US-based project aligns with the national initiative to support minerals critical to the clean energy transition, with copper recently added to the US Government’s Critical Minerals List.

Steve Dunn, Chairman and acting CEO, emphasized the project’s promise and the importance of copper in the global energy transition. Dunn also remarked on the name change to reflect the company’s new direction.

Commitment to the Copper Sector

As a repository of quality copper, the Northern Lights Copper Project stands to support the increasing demand catalyzed by clean energy advancements. With strategic steps underway, Li3 Lithium’s firm direction poised on copper emphasizes its commitment to contributing to the global energy landscape.

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