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Green Battery and Volt Carbon Unveil Sustainable Lithium Ion Battery Anode

Revolutionizing Battery Anode Production with Green Technology

Green Battery Minerals Inc. (‘Green’) (TSX-V: GEM) and Volt Carbon Technologies Inc. (‘Volt Carbon’, TSX-V: VCT) have ushered in a new era of battery anode manufacturing. Their cutting-edge process transforms graphite from Green Battery’s Berkwood mineral deposit Zone 6 into high-quality anodes for Lithium Ion Batteries without acid purification, flotation, spheroidization, or carbon coating.

Innovative Dry Processing Enhances Carbon Footprint and ESG Scores

The proprietary, entirely dry processing technique provided Volt with the material necessary to produce coin cells that exceed traditional environmental and quality standards. This eco-friendly method significantly minimized the carbon footprint and improved the ESG score.

Expedited Timeline from Rock to Battery

The advanced dry processing has reduced the production timeline dramatically, with graphitic rock progressing to anode and, eventually to a Lithium Ion Battery in under four months. This rapid development signifies a significant breakthrough in battery technology.

Premium Graphite Anode Properties Verified

The test results of the Volt-produced coin cells demonstrate the pristine integrity and high capacity of Green Battery’s graphite. The high purity of the graphite concentrate was validated at a remarkable total carbon content of 98.4%. This achievement was made possible by utilizing a simple mechanical reduction method devised by Dr. Aiping Yu and the team at the University of Waterloo.

Exceptional Performance in Preliminary Testing

Initial tests on manufactured coin cells revealed a remarkable capacity of 344mAh/g, achieved entirely through dry handling and circumventing the need for spheroidization and carbon coating. These promising results suggest potential for even greater performance in future testing.

Commitment to Sustainable Battery Technology

Volt Carbon’s resolve to provide sustainably sourced, high-grade graphite for the burgeoning North American battery sector remains unwavering, evident in the progress towards refining eco-conscious mineral processing techniques.

High-Grade Graphite Resources at Berkwood Graphite Project

The Berkwood Graphite Project, under Green Battery’s management, features high-grade graphite within an in-pit constrained resource totaling millions of tonnes. The company looks forward to leveraging this resource amid rising demand for graphite in electric vehicle batteries.

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