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Volt Carbon Technologies Initiates Battery Anode Development Using High-Grade Graphite

Volt Carbon Technologies Inc. (TSXV: VCT) (OTCQB: TORVF) has launched battery anode development with high-grade graphite from Green Battery Minerals Berkwood property, revealing positive preliminary test results.

Exclusive Dry-Separated Graphite Shows Promise for Battery Applications

Volt leveraged super jumbo flake graphite concentrate from GEM for a record-high carbon content of 98.4%, achieved through a dry separation process at Volt’s Scarborough facility. Dr. Aiping Yu led the characterization of graphite for battery anode potential.

Initial Battery Tests Indicate High Performance

Initial test data from coin cell fabrication showed a capacity of 344mAh/g. This performance confirms the mechanical reduction process’s effectiveness, suggesting further improvements could exceed 360 mAh/g.

Graphite Structure Integrity Confirmed

Comparative analysis of GEM’s graphite with commercial anodes show similar structural integrity, as demonstrated by XRD and Raman shift plots. These results validate GEM’s graphite for lithium-ion battery optimization.

Volt Carbon Advances North American Battery Materials Supply Chain

The company is committed to refining dry processes for battery-grade anodes, capitalizing on high-grade graphite mineral deposits’ advantages for simpler processing and potential opportunities in North America, stated CEO V-Bond Lee.

About Volt Carbon Technologies

Volt Carbon is engaged in energy storage and green energy creation, holding mining claims in Canada. Its mission includes the advancement of battery technologies and the expansion of North American resource independence.

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