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Benz Mining Appoints Mark Lynch-Staunton as New Chief Development Officer

Benz Mining Corp. (TSXV: BZ) (ASX: BNZ) has announced the strategic appointment of Mark Lynch-Staunton as the new Chief Development Officer. With 15 years of extensive experience in the mining industry, Lynch-Staunton will spearhead the advancement of the Eastmain Gold and Ruby Hill Lithium Projects in Canada.

Leadership and Expertise

Bringing on board his expertise from senior roles at Barrick Gold Corporation, Lynch-Staunton is set to enhance the technical and managerial capabilities at Benz. His exceptional track record in exploration and project development is seen as a key asset for the company.

Revolutionizing the Eastmain Gold Project

Benz Mining aims to leverage Lynch-Staunton’s skills to boost the already promising potentials of the Eastmain Gold Project, with its high-grade gold resources earmarked for future development.

Ruby Hill Lithium Project Development

The Ruby Hill Lithium project, enriched with revealed spodumene mineralization, represents another area under Lynch-Staunton’s purview. His leadership is anticipated to invigorate exploration and development activities in this sector.

Outlook and Contact Information

The company expresses confidence in Lynch-Staunton’s ability to bring value and progress to its mining projects. Stakeholders and interested parties can reach out to him for further details.

About Benz Mining Corp.

Benz Mining Corp. focuses on mineral exploration with a vested interest in the prospective Upper Eastmain Greenstone Belt. The company prides itself on securing a 100% interest in various high-value mineral projects across Quebec, with notable progress in the extraction and exploration phases.

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