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American Lithium Corp Appoints Davidson & Company as New Auditor for 2024

American Lithium Corp Engages New Auditor

American Lithium Corp (TSX-V:LI) has announced the appointment of Davidson & Company LLP as the new auditor for the fiscal year 2024. Davidson, a reputable accounting firm in Western Canada, is known for its extensive experience in public auditing, particularly in the natural resources sector. This move follows the resignation of Ernst & Young LLP at the request of American Lithium.

The transition comes as American Lithium addresses an unresolved issue by conducting an external review. Ernst & Young LLP had not analyzed the review before resigning. However, to ensure a smooth transition, Davidson is authorized to inquire fully into the discussed matter with the cooperation of Ernst & Young LLP.

Advancing American Lithium’s Projects

American Lithium is actively developing large-scale lithium projects in the Americas. Their focus areas include the TLC lithium project in Nevada and the development-stage Falchani lithium and Macusani uranium projects in Peru. With preliminary economic assessments indicating significant potential, the Company is advancing pre-feasibility studies with robust community backing.

Leadership at American Lithium

CEO & Director, Simon Clarke, leads the team at American Lithium Corp, advancing the Company towards enabling the shift to new energy paradigms. With this leadership, American Lithium is poised for continued success in the lithium exploration industry.

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