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CGrowth Capital Inc. Receives 7 New Tanzanian Prospecting Licenses for Lithium Exploration

CGrowth Capital Inc. (OTC: CGRA) has been officially granted seven new prospecting licenses in Tanzania, paving the way for extensive lithium exploration over the next four years.

Lucrative Lithium Prospects for CGRA in Tanzania

In a significant development, CGrowth Capital Inc. (CGRA) has acquired 54 land tenements in Tanzania earlier this year, aiming to unearth substantial lithium reserves. Leveraging initial surveys and reports, the company has confirmed that seven tenements show promise beyond expectations.

With the Tanzanian Ministry of Minerals and the Mining Commission granting four-year prospecting licenses, CGrowth Capital (CGRA) is set to delve into the discovery phase. Chairman Nicolas Link heralds this move as a pivotal transition that dramatically reduces investment risks and potentially inflates the company’s asset value through these lithium-rich tenements.

Entering a High-Potential Phase

Transitioning into intensive exploration, the company aligns with the upward trajectory of the Lassonde Curve, suggestive of enhanced company valuation. The official prospecting licenses signal an active phase of exploration, particularly within Dodoma Urban’s lithium-rich landscapes. This aligns with the 2.0 billion-tonne lithium oxide Titan deposits in the adjacent Kilimanjaro region developed by American Lithium, promising a substantial increase in potential and value for CGrowth Capital (CGRA).

Subsidiary Formation and Joint Ventures

In a strategic move, CGRA Mining created The L Company Limited, ensuring compliance with local Tanzanian regulations. The L Company holds the majority interest in the joint ventures, while simultaneously respecting the requisite local ownership, marking a strategic reinvestment in the region.

Transparent Reporting and Shareholder Value Maximization

Adhering to industry standards from JORC, SAMREC, and ISO N143-101, CGrowth Capital (CGRA) prioritizes clear, understandable, and transparent reporting of their findings. The company emphasizes its commitment to building trust and maintaining credibility in the investor community, promising further updates in the near term.

For streamlined updates and insights into CGrowth Capital (CGRA), stakeholders can routinely engage with the company’s official communication channels.

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