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Comet Lithium Advances Liberty Project with Completed Gravity Survey and Upcoming Phases

Comet Lithium Corporation (TSXV: CLIC) has announced the successful completion of Phase 1 of its ground geophysical gravity survey at the Liberty Property and plans to continue with Phases 2 and 3. The survey, which is set to conclude by mid-December, is instrumental in guiding the anticipated inaugural drilling program by pinpointing optimal pegmatite drill targets.

Expansion and Execution of Gravity Survey Phases

With Phase 1 enhancing confidence in the project, Comet Lithium is now expanding the survey. Phase 2 and 3, conducted by Géophysique TMC, involve a detailed 20m x 100m grid across 3.5 km2, totaling roughly 2,100 stations. These surveys extend the work already accomplished and focus on delineating the Adina pegmatite trend.

Comet Lithium’s Technical Advancements

Data from the initial phase has empowered Comet Lithium’s technical team to refine the understanding of the subsurface geology and assist in potential pegmatite contact detection. Vincent Metcalfe, the Executive Chairman, stated the team’s high regard for the crew’s diligence and the positive early insights from the surveys.

Collaboration for Drill Target Generation

Using expertise from a Perth-based consultancy, the team is working on interpreting the gravity data to develop the most promising drill targets. The proximity to Winsome Resources’ Adina deposit is a further point of interest, with spodumene pegmatites being a mere ~660 meters away.

About Comet Lithium Corporation

A dynamic player in Quebec’s James Bay District, Comet Lithium is pushing forward with its flagship Liberty Property and is on the cusp of its first-ever drilling endeavor. The company is strategically positioned next to Winsome Resources’ growing high-grade Adina deposit.

Neighboring Winsome Resource Limited has reported an Adina strike extension close to Comet Lithium’s property, boosting the area’s potential for lithium mineralization.

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