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Andrada Mining’s Revenue Soars 87% with Tin Production Surge

Andrada Mining Ltd (9IA.F) has announced a significant revenue increase of 87% to GBP8.8 million in the six months leading up to August 31, up from GBP4.7 million in the previous year. This impressive growth is attributed to a 67% boost in tin concentrate production, reaching 758 tonnes. Consequently, contained tin saw a 58% rise to 454 tonnes compared to the same period in financial 2023.

The company also reported a reduction in pretax loss, which narrowed to GBP2.8 million from GBP3.7 million year-over-year. These financial advancements reflect Andrada Mining’s robust operational performance and strategic asset management in the Namibian technology metals sector.

Financial Highlights of Andrada Mining

– Revenue upsurge of 87% to GBP8.8 million
– Tin concentrate production increased by 67%
– Contained tin rose by 58% to 454 tonnes
– Pretax loss narrowed to GBP2.8 million from GBP3.7 million

Andrada Mining continues to strengthen its position in the market, leveraging its increased production capabilities to meet the growing demand for technology metals.

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