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ALX Resources Corp. Advances Uranium Exploration at Gibbons Creek with Key Surveys

ALX Resources Corp. (TSXV: AL.V) has announced the completion of significant geochemical and magnetic surveys at the Gibbons Creek Uranium Project in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin. These surveys aim to refine drill targets and enhance the understanding of uranium mineralization in the area.

Geochemical and Magnetic Survey Highlights

ALX conducted a soil geochemistry survey and a high-resolution ground magnetic survey to identify geochemical signatures and define fault structures. The company’s 2015 drill hole GC15-03 and historical drill results from Eldorado Nuclear Limited provide a foundation for these surveys.

Geochemical Sampling

The Spatiotemporal Geochemical Hydrocarbons (SGH) survey covered 3.4 square kilometers, targeting unexplored areas for potential drilling sites.

High-Resolution Magnetic Survey

The ‘walking mag’ survey spanned 105 line kilometers, offering detailed insights into the magnetic properties of basement rocks and aiding fault structure interpretation.

Exploration and Drilling Prospects

The surveys will inform the placement of new drill targets, particularly in relation to a 2013 radon anomaly. ALX holds an active drill permit and plans a diamond drilling program, subject to funding.

Project and Company Overview

Gibbons Creek spans 13,864 hectares and is part of ALX’s diverse portfolio, which includes interests in uranium, lithium, nickel-copper-cobalt, and gold projects across Canada. The company’s strategic exploration activities are supported by modern technologies and a commitment to shareholder value through discovery.

Results from the SGH survey are expected in January 2024, with exploration permitted until April 2024. ALX’s experienced team, led by Qualified Persons Robert Campbell, P.Geo., and Martin St-Pierre, P.Geo., ensures compliance with regulatory standards and thorough analysis of exploration data.

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