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Sigma Lithium Ships 22,000 Tonnes of Eco-Friendly Lithium to Glencore

Sigma Lithium Corporation (NASDAQ: SGML) has announced the commencement of loading a 22,000-tonne shipment of Triple Zero Green Lithium to Glencore, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to sustainable lithium production. This fourth shipment, set to begin on November 27, reflects a premium pricing strategy, with Glencore prepaying 50% of the value upon completion.

Sigma Lithium’s Greentech Plant, part of the Grota do Cirilo Project in Brazil, is renowned for its environmentally conscious production methods, including 100% dry-stacked tailings and the absence of hazardous chemicals. The plant’s annual nameplate capacity is projected to reach 270,000 tonnes of Triple Zero Green Lithium, contributing to a sustainable global supply chain for electric vehicle batteries.

Environmental Milestones and Carbon Neutrality

Sigma Lithium has offset its carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits, ensuring that this shipment is carbon neutral. The company’s innovative approach to lithium production has set a new standard for environmental responsibility in the industry.

About Sigma Lithium

As a leader in the global lithium market, Sigma Lithium (NASDAQ: SGML) is dedicated to producing chemical-grade lithium concentrate that is both socially and environmentally sustainable. With a focus on powering the next generation of electric vehicles, the company is at the forefront of sustainable practices in the EV battery materials supply chain.

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