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Electra & Rock Tech Lithium Forge Lithium Recycling MOU for North America

Electra Battery Materials Corporation (NASDAQ: ELBM; TSX-V: ELBM) and Rock Tech Lithium (TSX-V: RCK.V) have announced a partnership to supply North America with recycled lithium. This collaboration will utilize Electra’s Ontario battery recycling operations and Rock Tech’s lithium refineries to create a sustainable closed-loop service for lithium-ion battery scrap and end-of-life batteries.

Electra’s CEO, Trent Mell, highlights the strategic move to upgrade recycled lithium to battery-grade quality, enhancing revenue and service offerings. Rock Tech’s COO, Klaus Schmitz, emphasizes the long-term vision of developing localized circular lithium value chains, ensuring a continuous supply for their plants.

The agreement stipulates Electra will provide lithium from its black mass refinery to Rock Tech for upgrading to battery-grade lithium chemicals. This step is crucial for the lithium to meet the standards for new battery production. The initial phase of material processing is set to begin in 2026, with expectations for increased supply as Electra expands its battery materials park.

Future collaboration opportunities are also on the horizon, including potential licensing of Electra’s technology in Europe and the co-location of battery recycling and lithium refining plants.

Electra is constructing North America’s sole cobalt sulfate refinery and is advancing its black mass recycling technology. In May 2023, Electra aimed to form a joint venture to process lithium-ion battery waste, further supporting its recovery and refining operations.

Rock Tech Lithium, a cleantech company with a mission to produce lithium hydroxide for electric vehicle batteries, is developing a lithium conversion facility in Germany and a proposed converter in Ontario. The company is committed to a closed-loop lithium production system, sourcing from its Georgia Lake spodumene project and recycled materials.

Electra, focusing on low-carbon, ethically-sourced battery materials, is integrating black mass recycling and nickel sulfate production, with projects in Ontario, Idaho, and Quebec.

This partnership marks a significant step towards sustainable lithium recycling and supply chain solutions for the North American electric vehicle market.

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