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Kachi Lithium Resource Soars by 250%: Lake Resources Unveils Major Expansion

Lake Resources N.L. (LK1.DU) has announced a significant expansion of the Kachi lithium resource, with a 250% increase in measured and indicated resources. The project now boasts 7.3 million tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) to a depth of 600 metres across 143.8 This marks a substantial growth from the June estimate of 2.9 million M+I tonnes LCE.

Including inferred resources, Kachi’s total resource estimate now surpasses 10.6 million tonnes of LCE, showcasing more than a twofold increase from the initial 4.4 million tonnes reported in November 2018.

The Australian miner credits an extensive hydrogeological characterization program for the past 18 months with enhancing their understanding of the Carachi Pampa basin’s geology and hydrogeology. Michael Gabora, the director of geology and hydrogeology, emphasized the development of an optimal extraction strategy that prioritizes responsible lithium production and minimal water consumption.

Future drilling aims to explore deeper resources and expand the known lithium-rich zones. The recent update includes high-grade lithium intersects, with borehole K24D41 revealing lithium concentrations averaging 267 mg/L over 445 metres.

The updated resource will inform the hydrogeologic model for the upcoming maiden reserve estimate and the Phase 1 definitive feasibility study. With its ranking among the top 10 global brine resources, the Kachi project is poised to produce high-purity lithium carbonate, with a pre-feasibility study indicating a 25-year operation yielding 25,500 tonnes of LCE annually.

Lake Resources’ partnership with Lilac Solutions is set to bolster the project with cutting-edge technology and financial backing.

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