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Albemarle Corp (ALB) Target Price Adjusted by Berenberg: Analyst Recommendations

Albemarle Corporation (ALB) has seen a revision in its stock target price, as Berenberg shifts its recommendation from USD 235 to USD 135, maintaining a hold stance.

Auto Trader Group Plc (AUTO) receives continued support from Investec, with a buy recommendation and an increased target from GBX 680 to GBX 775.

Burberry Group Plc (BRBY) retains its buy recommendation from Stifel, despite a target price reduction from 2400 to GBX 1950.

Intertek Group Plc (ITRK) Faces Target Price Cut

Barclays continues to recommend an underweight position on Intertek Group Plc, lowering the target from 44 to GBP 40.

Kingfisher Plc (KGF) Buy Recommendation Holds

AlphaValue/Baader Europe stands by its buy recommendation for Kingfisher Plc, with a revised target price dropping from 292 to GBX 271.

Linde Plc (LIN) Sees Target Price Increase

HSBC upholds its buy recommendation for Linde Plc, enhancing the target price from USD 440 to USD 447.

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