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Andrada Mining Secures Key Off-Take Agreements with Thaisarco & AfriMet

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Andrada Mining Ltd (9IA.F) has announced the renewal of its off-take agreements with Thailand Smelting & Refining Co Ltd (Thaisarco) and AfriMet Resources AG, ensuring a steady supply of tin and tantalum concentrates from its Namibian mining operations.

Renewed Partnerships Enhance Stability

Andrada Mining has successfully extended its contract with Thaisarco for three more years, starting December 1. This agreement guarantees a minimum monthly supply of 90 metric tonnes, with the potential to include up to 100% of any increased production. Concurrently, the company has also renewed its agreement with AfriMet for a 12-month period beginning January 1, which includes an advance payment option.

CEO Comments on Strategic Agreements

CEO Anthony Viljoen expressed satisfaction with the continuation of the Thaisarco partnership, emphasizing its contribution to the company’s focus on meeting Orion royalty tonnage. He also highlighted the significant achievements at Uis Mine, such as the processing plant’s expansion and the ongoing improvement program aimed at boosting efficiency and profitability.

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