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American Lithium’s 32 Mineral Concessions Upheld by Peruvian Court

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The Peruvian Superior Court has unanimously confirmed the title of American Lithium Corp. (AMLI)‘s 32 disputed mineral concessions, reinforcing the company’s legal standing. Simon Clarke, CEO of American Lithium, expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision, emphasizing its alignment with the company’s long-held position against the claims made by INGEMMET and MINEM since October 2018.

Clarke remarked, “The court’s ruling not only supports our stance but also demonstrates the Peruvian Judicial System’s commitment to upholding the facts. Despite the dispute, our control over the concessions remained intact, allowing us to progress with the Falchani project. We anticipate sharing further developments soon.”

Advancing Lithium Projects Across the Americas

American Lithium is advancing its TLC Lithium Claystone Project in Nevada’s Esmeralda district, the Falchani Hard-rock Lithium Project, and the Macusani Uranium Project in Peru. These projects have undergone preliminary economic assessments, showing significant potential for expansion and enjoying community backing. The company is making steady progress towards pre-feasibility at both Falchani and TLC.

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