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Eramet Launches EV Battery Recycling Pilot Plant | Key Milestone for Sustainable Metal Recovery

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Eramet SA (ER7.F) has announced the launch of a pilot plant dedicated to recycling electric vehicle batteries. Located at its Research & Innovation center in Trappes, near Paris, the plant is a crucial step towards the construction of a full-scale facility in Dunkirk, anticipated to begin operations in 2027.

The pilot plant, a 1:1,000 scale model of the Dunkirk plant, will test and refine the process of producing battery-grade metal salts from recycled lithium-ion batteries. Eramet’s expertise in hydrometallurgy enables the recycling of over 90% of strategic metals like nickel, cobalt, and lithium from battery black mass.

Advancing Metal Recycling Technology

Eramet’s Research & Innovation Centre, employing 200 experts, has developed a cutting-edge process for metal recovery. The high-purity metal salts produced will supply the European electric battery industry, reducing reliance on imported critical metals.

Financial Backing and Strategic Partnerships

The project, in partnership with SUEZ, has secured €80 million from the EU’s Innovation Fund and BPI. It aims to establish a closed-loop recycling solution, meeting the European Commission’s recycling efficiency standards.

Eramet’s Role in the Lithium Value Chain

Eramet is positioning itself as a leader in the lithium value chain. With projects like the Centenario site in Argentina and the AGELI project in France, Eramet is set to become a major lithium carbonate producer.

Christel Bories, Eramet’s CEO, emphasized the company’s commitment to leading the recovery of ‘urban mines’. Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister for Energy Transition, highlighted the project’s alignment with France’s 2030 objectives for a zero-carbon economy and metal resource sobriety.

Eramet is dedicated to the responsible transformation of mineral resources, contributing to sustainable industry growth and the energy transition.

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