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Bradda Head Lithium’s San Domingo Drilling Progress and Financial Update

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Bradda Head Lithium Ltd. (BHL.L) Announces Drilling and Financial Milestones

Bradda Head Lithium Ltd. (AIM:BHL)(TSX-V:BHLI)(OTCQB:BHLIF), a leader in North American lithium development, has announced significant advancements in its drilling programs and financial results for the period ending August 31, 2023.

The company has successfully completed drilling at its Basin project, with promising assay results that suggest extensive lithium mineralization. This achievement has led to an updated Mineral Resource Estimate, indicating a potential Tier 1 lithium deposit.

At the San Domingo pegmatite asset, Bradda Head has initiated Phase 3 drilling, aiming to expand known lithium mineralization. The company’s strategic claim expansions in the region underscore its commitment to unlocking the asset’s full potential.

Financially, Bradda Head reported a solid position with a cash balance of US$ 2,930,730 and received a significant royalty payment post-period, further strengthening its outlook for continued development into 2024.

Operational Highlights and Financial Health

The company’s operational focus has been on its key Arizona projects, with drilling results exceeding expectations. The updated MRE and the royalty payment from LRC reflect the company’s robust financial management and promising resource base.

Future Outlook and Commitment to Growth

Bradda Head Lithium Ltd. is poised for growth, with a clear strategy to capitalize on the increasing demand for lithium. The company’s exploration efforts and financial prudence position it well to deliver shareholder value and contribute to the renewable energy sector.

For more detailed information, please refer to the full financial statements and MD&A on the company’s website.

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